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Essential Doctor Strange

Essential Doctor Strange
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Now unto us is born... the magician! The Master of the Mystic Arts' earliest adventures continue as Strange stands as mankind's last, best hope against the dark otherworldly forces that conspire to steal the life of the conscious world - including Nightmare, Dormammu, Lord Nekron, and the Sons of the Satannish! Featuring the origin of Dr. Strange... and Strange and Clea's first kiss! Plus: Strange takes on a new, masked costume! Guest-starring the Avengers! Collects Doctor Strange #169-178, 180-183, Avengers #61, Sub-Mariner #22, Marvel Feature #1, Incredible Hulk #126, and Marvel Premiere #3-10, 12-14.  All comics are in black and white.


Pages: 608

Condition: Like new, I don't believe it has ever been read.

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